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Appraisal Services

Our rigorous controls throughout the entire loan process set the industry benchmark for quality. We provide personalized service and a streamlined solution that helps you close more loans—while preserving the local presence and knowledge you need in today’s competitive mortgage environment.

STARS offers a comprehensive solution that covers all facets of the appraisal management process, reducing costs and cycle time for clients. 

  • Appraiser Independence
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Quality Control
  • Appraisal Underwriting

Our streamlined processes reduce costs and ensure appraiser independence.


Quality Control

STARS ensures stringent quality control and compliance standards every step of the way, not just in the appraisal report itself. We constantly monitor every facet of our appraisal process.

  • All appraisers in the STARS network are required to sign and adhere to a Code of Conduct included in our appraiser certification document
  • We underwrite/QC all appraisals to ensure value assessment and we use third-party valuation tools in conjunction with the appraisal to confirm the property's stated value
  • Our Quality Committee reviews the quality scoring of all appraisal reports using a stringent due diligence process to ensure the highest quality
  • We perform quality audits to ensure that standards are met on an on-going basis

That's one of the many reasons that clients turn to STARS for settlement services.


Appraiser Independence

STARS manages all appraiser relationships, saving you time and ensuring independence.

  • Appraiser selection is an objective, structured process
  • Appraisal assignments come from STARS, ensuring compliance with federal and state guidelines
  • Appraisers are paid by STARS, not the borrower or the mortgage company, saving you the time of managing this process

Nationwide Coverage

With our national network of over 2,500 independent local appraiser firms, we provide coverage in every county in the United States.

Find out how our settlement services can make your mortgage process simpler and more efficient.


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